6 Ways to be the Best at Preparing for the Worst

Online PR crises now hit the headlines every day. They’re no longer an ‘if’ for brands, but a ‘when’. And the effect of each crisis is huge, slashing company market values and demoralizing employees. So the challenge for in-house PR professionals and PR agencies is not avoiding a crisis, it’s spotting it early, dealing with it effectively, and recovering quickly.

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When a crisis hits, what will you do?

The new report, 6 Ways to be the Best at Preparing for the Worst, explores the relationship between online reputation and crisis management in 2018. You’ll:

  • get to grips with the different social media issues that are escalating into PR crises quicker than ever before
  • take away current statistics on how likely companies are to find themselves in crisis
  • discover the widening gap between the speed at which crises appear and crisis plans being initiated

The PR pros

By sharing insights from some of the PR industry’s leading experts, you’ll take away top tips on the best ways to prepare for, manage, and resolve an online crisis.

Allison Reinert

Senior PR Partner, Cardinal Digital Marketing

David Johnson

Founder and CEO, Strategic Vision PR Group

Zach Hendrix

Owner and CEO, GreenPal

Lindsey Myers

Founder, Concrete Blond Consulting

Jon Sloane

VP, PR Client Success Manager, PowerPost

Heather Burgett

Publicist, CEO and Founder, The Burgett Group

In numbers

30% loss in company value following a reputational crisis

1-5 Year recovery time for a company reputation after a crisis

26% of wider web posts could turn into a PR issue for a company

How Crisp helps PRs act fast in a crisis

Crisp is a leading provider of social media brand safety and crisis monitoring services to global brands, media publishers and social platforms.

Many of the best-known brands in the world rely on us to make sure they are the first to know about critical issues, giving their PR teams the key information they need to act fast to limit the damage and prevent a crisis.

We do this by bridging the gap between a brand’s social media management tool and its crisis plans.

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