Best Practice Guide to Social Media for Pharmaceutical brands


Crisp have worked with some of the industry's top experts to create the Best Practice Guide to Social Media for Pharma Brands. We have looked at why the industry was slow to embrace social media and how brands can overcome the challenges faced by such a highly regulated industry. We've also developed some best practice tips, from choosing the right platforms, involving the right teams and creating video content.

Inside you will find:

  • Why social media should be a part of a pharma marketer's strategy
  • How pharma brands are embracing social media despite regulatory challenges 
  • Best practices and viewpoints from industry experts
  • Staying compliant on social media with adverse event reporting

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About Crisp

Crisp is the global authority on social media risk and has been using human intervention to protect hundreds of globally recognized brands and social platforms from high-impact risks posed by social media, for more than ten years. 

Our expert team of Risk Analysts moderate thousands of global social media channels with a combined total of over 1.3 billion fans and deal with 3 billion pieces of content every month, identifying risks across images, videos and text in over 50 languages.